The Importance Of Learning To Drive Right

Orange county driving school

Will knowing that most car horns in America honk in F help your teenage driver stay safe on the road? Not as much, perhaps, as knowing that in the first five hundred miles of their driving life a teen is more than ten times as likely to get in an accident than an adult. Or that drivers aged 16 to 19 in general are four times more likely to be in an accident than any other group. Or that over a third of the deaths of teenagers are the result of car crashes. Luckily, proper drivers training can be help reduce these statistics and get your teenager home or to school safe and sound.

Driving is a rite of passage, and drivers training schools take extra care and time to ensure that both their classroom driving instruction and behind the wheel training are adequately preparing teens to take to the road safely. Many people laugh at the cliche of drivers training including some horrific video showing uncensored footage of some of the most violent and deadly aftermaths of car accidents, but these films are unfortunately necessary tool to make teen drivers aware of the very real responsibilities and consequences of operating a motor vehicle.

But proper drivers training is far more than just scare tactics. Orange County driving schools as well as Irvine driving schools and Santa ana driving schools, take great pride in programs that are helping to not only reduce accidents on California highways but also to contribute to an overall smoother driving experience for everyone on the road. When everyone knows and follows the rules of the road, everyone gets to where they are going more efficiently, which further helps reduce accidents and even to reduce exhaust emissions from harming our environment.

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